Efficiency, growth and real value
The automotive industry currently has to face challenges in the development of new products considering environmental
safe guarding and incorporating economic values with long-range quality issues. 
Research has shown that OEMs invest annually about 10% of their turnover into quality repairs. In our opinion this is a too
high of an amount. In market quality repairs are much more expensive than real system validation tests. A good long-range
quality image and case histories for reliability polishes a company's image and increases customer satisfaction guaranteeing
brand identification. Validation tests in reality are increasingly replaced by reductive methods with fragmented results and no
simulation is able to exclusively represent the complexity of the real everyday hard vehicle live conditions with its different
and ever changing influencing performance parameters.

Adequate stress is the key: Exactly here we offer solution options!
MODUS  is highly specialized and has compounded experience in a unique validation service method based on valid
acknowledged reality testing.

Our method PISTE (Permanent Integrative Simultaneous Testing Europe), represents the total average lifetime of a car under
European conditions. Test vehicles are driven 100.000 km in total - 40% in Spain, 25% in Germany, 25% in Slovakia and 10%
in Sweden - within a six months period leading to the best "Simulation" reflecting the anticipatory customer product acceptance
and reliability by continuous quality monitoring.We are sure to provide the most suitable answer to actual and specific testing
and validation needs supporting the automotive industry as a competent and dedicated partner with one goal at mind -
- reaching development and quality targets successfully and efficiently.
System Validation in the real world provides also answers to questions,
which in the virtual world of simulation have not been asked yet.

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